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«Surprise: U.S. Economic Data» and «Lessons of History»

Аналитика финансовых и товарных рынков

Автор хотел бы обратить внимание на следующую статью, опубликованную агентством Bloomberg:

Surprise: U.S. Economic Data Have Been the World's Most Disappointing

Интересные мысли по этому поводу высказаны здесь.

А вот еще одно любопытное мнение: Lessons of History, Part 1: Not a Mention of Money.

Ранее автор такого сравнения не встречал. Оригинально и достойно внимания:

«And about that power…most European countries were still monarchies where the king/emperor actually ran things. Britain had, during the 60+ years of Victoria’s reign, morphed into a constitutional monarchy where royalty was revered but Parliament made policy. But in Germany and Russia the guys calling the shots (literally and figuratively) were the sons of the guys who called the previous generation’s shots. The Kaiser and Czar ran their respective shows — and each, in his own way, was nuts.

What would today’s world be like if Germany and Russia had moved just a little more quickly towards representative democracy — or simply picked more rational, flexible leaders — a century ago? Extrapolate the sustained growth and stable prices of the 19th century into the 21st, and the power of compound interest implies some truly amazing things.

Has fiat currency and unlimited money creation handed the same kind of power to today’s bankers and politicians as absolute monarchy gave to Kaiser Wilhelm and Czar Nicholas? And are they managing that power any better than those guys did?

If today’s central bankers are this century’s dysfunctional royalty, how will the mess they’re making compare with the previous one?».

Что связывает указанные статьи? Мысль о том, что международной финансовой мафии, погрязшей в глобальной лжи, подконтрольно всё.